Planes and Segments

To describe the location of the external structures, we can use anatomical term. But we can’t use anatomical term to describe relative locations and arrangements of the internal structures and organs. For example heart, lungs, kidney etc… For this purpose we have to cut the body into slices called planes of sections.

Four anatomical planes:-

  1. Sagittal plane
  2. Frontal plane
  3. Transverse Plane
  4. Oblique plane

Sagittal plane

A vertical cut which divides the body into left and right portions.

If the cut passes through middle of the body it is called as mid-sagittal plane. However if the cut doesn’t pass through the actual midline it is called as para-sagittal plane.

Frontal plane

Divides the body into anterior and posterior portions of the body.

Transverse plane

A horizontal cut divides the body into superior and inferior portions.

Oblique plane

It divides the body in an oblique angle.