Welcome to is a platform for learning and understanding medcine in a non-complicated way. More short notes on medical curriculum based subjects with simple illustrations and explanations will be added regularly. You can simply select a topic from the list below to check it out. Hope it will be a useful source for medicine related students.

Let's study Physics

I've made a DVD which is useful to G.C.E (a/l) students as per srilankan syllubus. I whole heartedly thank each and everyone who helped me in that project. It was made to make the learning process easy with animations, question and clear details on solving methods... you can order and get the original DVD here... the contents of the disc are as following

  1. Measurement
    • Vernier caliper
    • Spherometer
    • Micrometer screw gauge
    • Travelling microscope
  2. Mechanics
    • Resultant of forces
    • Equilibrium
    • Force and motion
    • Rotational motion
    • Work, energy and power
    • Hydrostatics
    • Fluid- dynamics

One original "let's study physics" DVD costs Rs.400 (LKR)